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Luohu Huali Primary School Outdoor P5led Display Case

Release time:2019-10-31


Project: Winbond assisted Luohu Huali Primary School to build outdoor P5led display screen

Product: Outdoor P5led display

Area: 12㎡

Huali Primary School is located in Beverly Hills, Jindaotian Road, Luohu. It is the only full-time six-year primary school at the junction of Longgang and Luohu in Shenzhen, and is also a first-level school in Shenzhen. In order to more effectively release the school's various notices, publicity and other information. The relevant person in charge of the Huaihua Primary School project contacted Bobangcheng, and after a field visit by Huabangying’s technicians and project managers, combined with the needs of Huaihua Primary School, the outdoor led display for the school was determined. The school’s led display project uses outdoor P5led The display panel is used to complete the construction. The entire screen area is 5.2*2.2m. After the entire project is completed and lit, the time effect has been affirmed by the entire staff of the school.

With the continuous development of large-screen display, the great role of LED display has been reflected in the successful movement of major events. In addition to modern people's demand for large-screen display, the use of LED display continues to expand. LED display screens are also constantly entering our lives, playing an indispensable role. The led display not only plays an important role in business, but also plays an important role in major colleges and universities. We can see him in many places in the school, such as canteens, auditoriums, libraries, conference rooms, playgrounds, etc. . Why is LED display so popular in many schools? Combining the actual situation of the school and the various advantages of leds, it is not difficult to get the result.



In the daily operation of the school, it is often necessary to advertise various tasks such as information release, event promotion, important event notifications, and game broadcasts. The LED display screen can meet the above various needs. The led display can display different content according to different needs, including video, pictures, text and other information, and can more effectively and clearly convey the required information. This is an incomparable practical effect of other communication tools. At present, most colleges and universities use LED display screens to strengthen school information promotion and publicity. In many schools, banners or colored paper are used for publicity. This method is undoubtedly inefficient and single. In contrast, the led display screen is more eye-catching due to its luminous dynamic video effect, its picture is flexible and changeable, the content is rich, it has more powerful publicity and visual effects, and can also be environmentally friendly and lasting.

    The use of led display screens at the school gate is also the most intuitive and effective. It directly improves the school’s spirit and external image. The school’s various notices and dynamics, as well as the philosophy and purpose are played here in real time, which can improve the school’s image Has an important role.


    As a professional provider of LED display solutions, Winbond has customized LED displays for many universities for many years, and has won the trust of users. Winbond Ying Optoelectronics always adheres to the concept and standard of user first and quality first, and provides users with LED display solutions tailored to local conditions. Winbond actively pays attention to industry product trends and strives to complete the construction of each project with the most advanced scientific plan At the same time, we are committed to promoting better solutions to more industries and providing more users with high-quality products and services.

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