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Zhejiang High-speed Monitoring Command Center Indoor LED Display Project Case

Release time:2019-10-31



Security surveillance has become more and more important in all walks of life. Video surveillance systems are an important part of the security system of all units. As the terminal for video information output, the video surveillance display terminal device clearly displays all monitored information on the screen. It can also convert large and small screens flexibly to convey accurate, true, intuitive, effective, and rich content.

    Today's display screens are developing towards the direction of intelligence, ultra-thin, lightweight, and networking. With the maturity of various technologies, small-pitch LED displays that are easy to assemble and have high performance have been widely used in the market. Compared with other displays, the small-pitch LED display has a series of advantages such as high-definition, high brightness, high color saturation, low power consumption, and long service life, making it quickly favored in security monitoring. With the acceleration of the national informatization process, the large-scale construction of infrastructure, and the government's high attention to the field of security monitoring, as a security monitoring terminal display device, the small-pitch LED display has obtained unprecedented development opportunities.

    The small-pitch LED display has been included as a security product, and it plays an important role in promoting the development of the security field. Used as a necessary terminal product for the small-pitch LED display in the video surveillance system, the small-pitch LED display is highly valued by users in various fields with its excellent display function and high-definition picture quality.

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