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Guangzhou traffic outdoor double column LED display case

Release time:2019-10-31

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Project: Guangzhou Traffic Outdoor Double Column LED Display

Product: Outdoor double column LED display

Recently, the outdoor double-pillar LED display in Guangzhou has been completed, and it has developed towards the direction of intelligence and standardization in the transportation field, and has won the trust of users.

       The outdoor LED screen is convenient and simple to operate. It can update the content displayed on the screen at any time. It only needs to operate and control the electric energy. It is not affected by other external conditions during the change process. It can realize remote control, which is convenient for updating traffic conditions anytime and anywhere.


     The update speed is fast and will not cause stalls and other phenomena. Display screens are usually set up in public places and traffic arteries with a lot of people, and they attract people's active attention in the form of intuitive and vivid broadcasting. They have a wider range and are more enjoyable than traditional media.


      The outdoor full-color large screen is not only used for traffic promotion and information release as in this case, but also widely used for advertising. The advantages of energy saving and environmental protection are also praised by people. The LED display can work around the clock and can adapt to various harsh outdoor environments. It has anti-corrosion, waterproof, moisture-proof, lightning-proof, and earthquake-resistant capabilities, as well as strong integrity and high cost performance. The advantages such as good display performance.

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