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Public security monitoring indoor LED display case

Release time:2019-10-31


Project: Public security monitoring P1.667 small pitch display

Product: P1.667 small pitch display

Area: 24 square meters

 Real-time monitoring, 24 hours uninterrupted monitoring

The small-pitch LED display system needs to work continuously for 7*24 hours, which requires its quality to be quite high. During the monitoring and display process, even one second can not be missed, because any emergency may occur at any time. The scheduling system's control program for various data is the focus of the entire scheduling work to ensure the timeliness and control of the scheduling work.

 Assist decision making, collect information for HD display system

 The small-pitch LED display screen needs to display various information collected and sorted by the system, as well as the analysis and calculation results of various models, in the most concise and intuitive form according to the needs of the decision maker, or display some monitoring pictures, which also requires small Pitch LED display has high-definition display effect. With the advancement of technology, small-pitch small-pitch LED displays have been widely used, and there is no pressure on high-definition displays. In this way, it is helpful for decision makers to quickly and accurately understand the current situation, analyze and judge the pros and cons of various scheduling schemes, and assist them in making correct decisions.

    The establishment of the public security monitoring led small-pitch system is aimed at realizing intuitive and efficient dispatching and commanding work, avoiding the shortcomings of the non-image mode of the conference call that is not intuitive and clear, and can vividly display various decisions and plans. It can also deal with emergencies more timely and effectively.

    Used in various fields, it is not as we know it on the surface. It seems that small-pitch LED displays can only be used for advertising. In the era of information technology, small-pitch LED displays will penetrate into all areas that need it, not only for people Bringing color to people’s lives and also bringing safety to people’s lives.

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Indoor P1.6 small spacing LED display, product model: HBY-BN1.667

Full screen resolution: 359856 Pixel pitch: 1.667mm, life span: 100000h

Module size: 200*150mm Refresh rate: 3840 Brightness: 600-800nits


The picture is stable, no ripples and no black screen, the video picture is delicate and smooth, and the edge of the dynamic display picture is clear.

It has good dynamic expressiveness, accurately restores image information, and brings maximum visual enjoyment.