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P2 indoor small-pitch LED display case in a residential area

Release time:2019-10-31

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Project: P2 indoor small-pitch LED display in a residential area

Product: P2 indoor small pitch LED display

Area: 15 square meters

As the publicity column of the community, the community advertising LED display project is the publicity window closest to the citizens. Through the publicity of current affairs news, timely dissemination of information that the masses care about, play a certain role in public opinion guidance, publicize the core values of socialism, advocate and sort out the social ethics generally recognized and followed by the society, and cultivate citizens to form a scientific spirit and a good life the way.

It is a bridge to improve the civilization of the city and the community, and quickly convey the voice of the party and the government to the masses in a popular and vivid way; the community advertising LED display is an important platform for residents' autonomy, which can discuss community affairs and propose governance policies; community advertising The LED display is also the key to science, spreading the spirit of science and popularizing scientific knowledge.

Community advertising LEDs are installed at the entrances and exits of high- and mid-range residential communities with complete property management in the urban areas and counties of various provinces across the country. The communities have complete property management. The owners of the communities are high-end consumers with high income and strong purchasing power and leading consumption trends. group. In addition to the daily weather forecast and property management information, the community advertising LED display can release subtitle information for customers, so that the information can be transmitted to thousands of households instantly. Has a super visual impact.

LED advertising in the community is active, with long release time, persistent repetition of information, high reading rate and strong pertinence. It is currently a new outdoor advertising media in large and medium cities in my country.

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