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Dongguan Songhu Guyu Restaurant Indoor LED Display Case

Release time:2019-12-25

LED display is currently one of the most popular large display screens. It is widely used in various fields to provide people with a beautiful visual experience. Recently, Songhu Guyu Restaurant has improved the restaurant level, expanded rendering power, and enhanced users. Dining experience, and then build brand awareness, so the introduction of indoor full-color high-definition LED display inside the restaurant.


After the large LED display is installed, it can be used as a background wall for small and medium-sized banquets. According to the needs of dinning customers, relevant videos, animations, and performances, etc., are played, colorful and fully functional, creating a good dining atmosphere; at the same time, it also It demonstrates the soft power of Guyu Restaurant. From the perspective of customers, the service is in place, so that it attracts more repeat customers and creates an excellent reputation.


Winbond's indoor high-definition LED display has high color uniformity and more delicate pictures; the flatness of the module installation surface is required to be controlled within ±0.2mm; it adopts a variety of scanning technologies and modular design requirements, with higher reliability and stability ; The circuit board adopts wave soldering process, has a green oil oxygen barrier layer to prevent the circuit from being wet and oxidized, and the service life can reach 100,000 hours. Say goodbye to the traditional plug-in lamp, and adopt a new type of surface mount package and its package, which display clearer and more stable colors , Can realize single-point maintenance, more efficient and energy-saving.


Parameters of this project:

Product model: HBY-YN3

Brightness: 600-1200nits

Full screen resolution: 111111

Module size: 192*192mm

Contrast ratio: 7000:1

Average power: 350W

Pixel pitch: 3mm

Refresh rate: 3840

Service life: 100,000 hours

Contractor: Shenzhen Huabangying Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.





Winbond Ying Optoelectronics focuses on the R&D and production of LED full-color displays, focusing on product quality and innovation, and has developed a variety of LED display products that meet market needs, covering stage performances, stadiums, broadcast media, and outdoor advertising. , Conference and exhibition halls and other display system solutions, spend more energy and investment in the construction of the engineering service team to ensure the progress and quality of the LED display project, and complete the construction within the construction period according to the needs of users; this time, you can get Songhu Guyu Restaurant The trust indicates that Winbond Ying Optoelectronics has taken another step forward in the field of LED display.

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