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Xuzhou Sanpower International Cinema Special-shaped P3led Display Case

Release time:2019-10-31


Project: Xuzhou Sanpower International Cinema special-shaped P3led display

Product: Indoor P3led display

Area: 38㎡

 Sanbao International Cinema is located in Xuzhou Sanbao International Plaza. The square is located at the intersection of Jiefang South Road and Jinshan East Road in Quanshan District. It is a full-fledged urban commercial park built by Sanpower Group with a total investment of 3 billion yuan, bringing together large shopping malls. , Commercial pedestrian street, boutique SOHO and other formats.



Although it is in this middle and consumer center, the daily traffic is unlikely to be low, but in order to attract more tourists who do not plan to watch the film, the theater also brainstormed, and finally cooperated with Bobangcheng to build the LED display at the theater ticket office. The project uses two LED displays, the ticket window uses a special-shaped LED display, and the entrance door uses a conventional LED display. Both screens are built with P4led modules, of which the special-shaped LED display at the ticketing gate is 38 square meters and the full-color LED display at the entrance of the entrance is 11 square meters.

     The special-shaped LED screen at the ticket gate, let alone the obvious adjectives of high-end atmosphere, high-grade, in the hot summer, looking at the majestic iceberg through the partition in the middle, is there an instant refreshing feeling, when the screen becomes a forest Is there a sense of comfort when seeing nature through the window? The purpose of the special-shaped screen is to give people a unique natural experience. This time, Bobangcheng's unique design for the LED display of Xuzhou Sanpower International Studios is derived from the poem "still holding the pipa half-hidden".


    Looking at the picture through the interval in between is stronger than watching the complete picture directly. Even those who don't plan to watch the film can be attracted, making the ticket booth an instant desperate situation. When the screen is replaced with a starry sky, replaced with a seabed, and replaced with a snow-capped mountain, what is it like.

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