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Traffic police brigade P1.875 splicing screen monitoring command case

Release time:2019-10-31


affic police brigade high-definition P1.875 full-color led small-pitch display, 21 square meters.

Design features of traffic police brigade full-color small-pitch display:

   1. The power supply circuit adopts standard computer power supply and shielding measures, power supply noise filter-switching power supply-DC regulated power supply standard program.

  2. Good electromagnetic shielding of power supply and circuit.

  3. The analog signal ground, digital signal ground, structural safety ground and power ground are routed separately to effectively prevent crosstalk.

4. Printed board design specifications, including strict regulations on component arrangement, wiring, filtering, etc. Use an oscilloscope to measure the noise interference on the ground of each printed board, and the peak value does not exceed +50mv.

5. The interface circuit in the board, between boards and between the chassis has anti-interference design.

6. System site wiring, signal lines and AC power lines (power lines) are strictly separated.

7. Good grounding system, strictly grounded.

8. In order to improve the reliability of the system, the power supply has taken measures to derate the use and reserve sufficient margin.

9. The external interface is driven by balanced current.

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