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Highway monitoring command center P1.56 display case

Release time:2019-10-28


Project: P1.56 small-pitch display screen of highway monitoring command center

Product: P1.56 small pitch display

Area: 70 square meters

In recent years, with domestic enterprises investing in the construction of basic industries in energy and transportation and the continuous advancement of industrial automation and informatization, the demand for large-screen splicing industrial applications is steadily increasing, and the construction of large-scale monitoring, commanding and dispatching large-screen splicing projects has become more important. The number of splicing screens has become more and more frequent, and there have been many super-large splicing screen projects with more than one hundred splicing numbers.

Security surveillance has become more and more important in all walks of life. Video surveillance systems are an important part of the security system of all units. As the terminal for video information output, the video surveillance display terminal device clearly displays all monitored information on the screen. It can also convert large and small screens flexibly to convey accurate, true, intuitive, effective, and rich content.

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Indoor P1.5 small pitch LED display, product model: HBY-BN1.56

Full screen resolution: 409600 pixel pitch: 1.56mm, life span: 100000h

Module size: 200*150mm Refresh rate: 3840 Brightness: 600-800nits

Using high-quality components and fine processing technology, effectively reduce the rate of dead lights;

The power and signal dual backup system, which escorts the product to operate continuously and stably for 7*24 hours, the safest and most reliable