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Indoor P2.5led display case of a public institution in Shaanxi

Release time:2019-10-31


Project: Indoor P2.5led display screen of a public institution in Shaanxi

Product: Indoor P2.5led module

Area: 14.75

 In order to improve the influence of the company and the level of the company, the project leader of a company in Shenmu County, Shaanxi Province contacted Winbond. After communication and actual analysis of the on-site situation, Winbond and the company reached a consensus and decided to adopt a small pitch of P2.5. led display to complete the construction of the indoor led display project. At the same time, four Winbond 46-inch horizontal advertising machines were purchased. The entire project is located on the left wall of the company's entrance and exit. The total project area is 14.75m2. After the entire project is lighted up, the entire staff of the company agrees.

The small-pitch led display is widely used by various enterprises and institutions due to the small spacing of the lamp beads, high definition, high resolution, small module size, high brightness, and low power consumption. At the same time, the picture is stable, no ripples, no black screens, and video pictures. Delicate and smooth, the edges of dynamic display images are clear. It has good dynamic expressiveness, accurately restores image information, and brings maximum visual enjoyment.

    With the rapid development of all walks of life, enterprises must keep pace with the times on the road of scientific and technological management, leading step by step, step by step. Winbond has been specialized in the field of large-screen display for many years and has helped users from all walks of life complete large-screen display projects. I have witnessed the entire transformation process of many companies after the completion of the project. The good image of the company is a major foundation for establishing employee confidence, and employee confidence is a big help to complete the performance. It can be seen that the LED display is indispensable as a display of enterprise science and technology equipment Less.

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