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LED display project of Nadam Conference in Ordos, Inner Mongolia

Release time:2019-10-31

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The 2nd Inner Mongolia Ordos International Naadam Conference

Product: P8.9 outdoor led display

Pixel density: 1254pixels/㎡

Display size: more than 600 square meters


    The "Nadam" convention is a traditional Mongolian festival with a long history, and it occupies an important position in the lives of the Mongolian people. The "Nadam" meeting is held every July and August when the livestock is fatter. This is a cultural, sports and entertainment convention held to celebrate the harvest. "Nadam" means entertainment or games in Mongolian. The conventions are usually horse racing, wrestling, archery, go, singing and dancing.

     The 2nd Inner Mongolia Ordos International Naadam Conference was held in August 2012. The audience who came to visit the concert that night came from all directions, and the atmosphere on the scene was enthusiastic, with a steady stream of warm applause. It comes from the exquisite performances of the performers and the best visual effects displayed by the LED display, showing the audience the most perfect side. More than 600 square meters of display screens are used for live broadcast. The large and clear live broadcast screen breaks the seat limitation and makes it easier to watch the performance from a distance, thus creating an audio-visual feast for the live audience. Highlights, slow-motion playback, close-up shots, and random changes in the background environment of various stages, bring the artistic conception of the performance to the extreme. The perfect combination of lifelike pictures and shocking music creates a dreamlike stage background.

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