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Beijing Zhongjun World City tree-shaped LED special-shaped screen

Release time:2019-10-31


Project: Beijing Zhongjun World City tree-shaped LED special-shaped screen

Product: Shaped led display

A few days ago, an owner of Zhongjun World City found Huabangying and wanted to design an LED display in his unopened store. After a field visit by Bobangcheng personnel, he decided to design a tree-shaped LED special-shaped screen for the business after docking with the owner. The led special-shaped screen is set directly in front of the cash register (bar counter), with a small footprint, not only can attract outside customers to come in, but also a novel enjoyment in reasonable consumption. The special-shaped screen is a new display form in recent years. Its unique shape is destined to be very attractive. It can realize flexible splicing methods according to the different needs of different venues. The special-shaped screen is not only a carrier of graphic information. , Is also unique in attracting attention. At present, the domestic LED display market is gradually growing, and the special-shaped LED display is also widely concerned.

    The tree-shaped led display customized by Winbond for Zhongjun World City adopts P4 specifications, which can not only play promotional videos, but also bring customers a unique visual experience, which is greatly appreciated by the owners. The biggest advantage of the led tree-shaped special-shaped screen is that you can watch the video at 360 degrees, which expands the visual space with the greatest effect. No matter whether the customer watches from various places in the lobby, there is no chromatic aberration caused by side viewing. It is the new favorite of exhibition halls, high-end shopping malls, bar stages, specialty stores, etc.

    In addition to the changeable shape of Winbond's special-shaped LED display, it can also be used in bars and other occasions with DJs to create dazzling effects, so that music and visual effects are perfectly matched. It can be played independently or separately, making the stage more enjoyable. Layering.

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