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Shanxi Hotel Indoor Stage P4led Screen Rental Project

Release time:2019-10-31


Hotel stage p4 indoor led display parameters:

     Point spacing: 4mm

     Module size: 256*128

     Density: 625mm

     Brightness: 1500nits

     led standard: SMD2121

     Protection level: IP31

     Best viewing distance: 4m~50m

Winbond Ying Stage LED rental display is light in weight, thin in structure, and has the functions of lifting and quick installation, so as to meet the requirements of fast installation, disassembly and handling required by the rental occasion; easy to install and unload, easy to operate, the entire screen is fastened and connected by fast bolts , Screen can be mounted and dismantled accurately and quickly, and can be assembled in different shapes to meet site requirements; unique process: unique welding process optimized structural design to avoid faults caused by poor contact of electronic product solder joints caused by frequent handling On-site conditions;

    Lightweight, ultra-thin, fast installation design, enabling you to complete the installation and disassembly of the display screen in a short time;

    Support the arbitrary direction of the signal line, meet the arrangement and placement of different cabinets, to create different effects of the picture

    Equipped with a professional video processor, supporting AV, DP, VGA, DVI, YPBPR, HDMI, SDI and other signals;

    Support 256-level brightness adjustment and white balance custom adjustment, so that different batches of displays can be mixed

    Signal processing: RTF series products adopt signal folding technology, and the unit modules do not need to be cascaded, which greatly improves the display performance of the product. Using signal folding technology, unit modules do not need to be cascaded, greatly improving the display performance of the product;

    Face mask: It adopts patented technology face shield. The rear buckle fasten assembly method is adopted for the face shield, which can facilitate the front maintenance of the LED light. The fastening screws are not visible on the front of the mask. The screen surface is integrated and there is no light leakage due to the screws when the screen is lit. Bright spot

    Modules: Large modules are used, with only 4 modules per box, reducing internal connections and improving product stability. Without opening the box, the display module can be directly disassembled from the rear of the box. Without opening the box, the display module can be directly disassembled from the back of the box;

    Back cover: Remove 4 screws, take off the back cover, you can maintain and replace the power supply and receiving card;

    Heat sink: The aluminum base plate is used instead of the traditional plastic bottom shell, which improves the heat dissipation performance of the product while ensuring the flatness;

    IC and driver: high refresh rate, high grayscale, high refresh rate, high grayscale 16384 grayscale products adopt high-end constant current driver chips with built-in PWM. In the case of a single receiving card loaded, the display refresh frequency can be as low as 960HZ and as high as 4800HZ. The gray level is up to 16bit, and the picture is stable, which can easily meet the requirements of high-end applications such as stage performances and broadcasts. The DC power cord adopts American standard wire, the power input adopts a surface mount socket, the power cord is not easy to loosen, the line loss is minimal during the power transmission process, and the input voltage is stable;

    Capacity: The new structure design meets the requirements of hoisting and stacking, as well as indoor and outdoor requirements. Single cabinet, compatible with multiple pitches, compatible with indoor and outdoor modules;

    High: high grayscale and high refresh rate design, gray scale 14 bit, refresh frequency>960Hz;

    Low: Excellent heat dissipation design and heat dissipation performance, without external fans, air conditioners, etc., low noise; light weight of the cabinet, low installation costs; low power consumption of the cabinet, saving operating costs;

    Good waterproof effect, with IP65 protection level, suitable for outdoor rental use;

    Equipped with various specifications of the air box, which is convenient for storage and transportation of the box, and has a good protective effect on the LED display.

    According to customer requirements and site environment, tailor the most suitable LED display rental solution;

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