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Case study of indoor P3led display screen in a corporate conference room in Haifeng County

Release time:2019-10-31


Project: Two pieces of indoor P3led display screens in a corporate conference room in Haifeng County

Product: P3led display

Area: 80㎡

 Recently, Winbond’s indoor p3led display project at SITC was officially completed. The company built a total of 2 led displays, all of which were built using P3led modules, with a total area of nearly 80 square meters. SITC is located in a county in southeastern Guangdong. It is one of the 13 red bases in China. It has always been known as the "land of fish and rice". With the current indoor LED display project, Bobangcheng already has a large-screen display project in SITC. There are quite a few. The semi-outdoor LED display completed at SITC in June and the LCD splicing screen in the bar two months earlier are also well received. For Winbond, SITC is already a familiar "old" Place".


The SITC indoor LED electronic large-screen project has a total of 2 pieces, of which one is a meeting room and the other is located in the company’s reception hall. The project will be put into use as soon as the project is completed. The high-definition and high-saturation display screen will be obtained the moment it is lit. The praise of the company’s leaders and employees is not the first time Winbond has experienced such a scene. Since its establishment, Winbond has been engaged in the large-screen display industry. Winbond has been engaged in the large-screen display industry. The two aspects that Ying is most proud of are that we not only have a good reputation in private enterprises, but also have a good response in enterprises and institutions.


   Every project that Winbond has gone through is based on the purpose of winning the trust of customers, using high-quality products, providing reasonable prices, and enthusiastic service. While winning the trust of customers, we have also achieved ourselves. In the past two years, Winbond has gradually emerged in the industry. From the previous obscurity to the current upstart in the industry, Winbond has gained more and allowed us to have a stronger ability to give feedback to users. Time is like water, fleeting. When Winbond was still unknown, we insisted on quality and service as the indestructible bottom line of development. To this day, we still regard it as the cornerstone of our way forward, understanding each other, making every effort to govern, and working together for a win-win situation. This is our constant pursuit! Thanks to the partners and customers who have always trusted Winbond, and all sectors of society for their support to Winbond.

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