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Case Study of Outdoor LED Display in Jiangsu Edenghao Hotel

Release time:2019-10-31


Hotel lobby led display

1. Play the role of setting off the atmosphere.

    Through the display screen, it is possible to broadcast the welcome speech of superior leaders and various VIPs to visit and guide, and the celebration speech of various major festivals.

    2. Play the role of propaganda and popularizing knowledge.

    A. Various laws, regulations, regulations and common sense can be played through the LED electronic display.

    B. The introduction of the hotel’s new service items can be played through the LED electronic display; the hotel’s "Service Commitment", etc.

    3. Play the role of bulletin board.

    Through the display screen, you can broadcast lectures, conferences, etc. notices, various notices, work arrangements, and advanced collectives, individual honor lists and advanced deeds.

    4. Play the role of public service advertisement.

    ① The weather forecast can be played on the display screen;

    ② The local humanities, history, geography, climate, customs and conditions;

    ③ Local maps, tourist traffic maps and distribution maps of tourist attractions;

    ④. "Civilized Citizens Convention", hotel slogans and important news, etc.

    5. It can create good economic benefits.

    As the best advertising media in the world today, it can also undertake the advertising of major domestic and foreign companies. (It is recommended to use dual-color or full-color, Shenzhen Yunshang Optoelectronics, so that the displayed content is richer and more attractive. Enterprises and units undertake activities and make publicity advertisements, but also help to enhance the hotel's popularity and fully reflect the hotel's grade).

    In general, the LED display has played a good role in improving the public image, popularity, service level and creating a window of civilization in the hotel.

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