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Zhongjun World City Gate Head P3 Special-shaped LED Display Case

Release time:2019-10-31


Project: P3 shaped led display at the gate of Zhongjun World

Product: P3led display

Area: 14 square meters

 A few days ago, Winbond Ying shared with you the indoor tree-shaped LED special-shaped screen in cooperation with Zhongjun World City. This display is a full-color LED indoor special-shaped screen designed by the customer after Winbond’s field inspection site. The led special-shaped screen is set directly in front of the cash register (bar counter), with a small footprint, not only can attract outside customers to come in, but it is also a novel enjoyment to consume here.


    Coincidentally, in the next few days, the customer of Zhongjun World City once again contacted Winbond. After the tree shaped screen is lit, the customer can intuitively feel the changes brought to their venue by the LED shaped screen. In order to attract more customers, after contacting the Winbond staff, the outdoor special-shaped LED display was installed. The entire display is an irregular rectangular screen, as if some plates were scattered around after being hit. There is a kind of disorganization to the bystanders as a whole, but also a seemingly unique symmetrical effect. After being lighted, it gives people an unconventional look. In such a place with a lot of people, it is undoubtedly the most eye-catching place. Effective marketing tools.


    The outdoor LED special-shaped screen designed by Winbond for Zhongjun World City this time uses the P4 full-color LED unit version, which is high-definition and delicate, with clear images. Combined with the unique appearance structure, the customer's storefront stands out from many competitors. It is particularly eye-catching. The unique design method plays the visual experience brought by the video, as if peeping into another world from an irregular window, the boundary is looming, with Give people a completely different feeling.

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