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Case of indoor full-color led display in Yangzhou Jiujiu Ole City venue

Release time:2019-10-31


Project: Yangzhou Jiujiu Ole City Contracting Venue Indoor Full-color LED Display

Product: P3 full color led display

Area: 40㎡

 Jiujiu Outlet City Plaza is located at the intersection of Yangzhou Jiangnan Road and Kaifa East Road. It is a large commercial complex with a commercial area of nearly 5W square meters. On September 9th, Jiujiu Outlet City Plaza Investment Promotion Conference and Brand Signing Conference will be held on time. More than 40 companies and more than 70 domestic and foreign first-line brands have signed cooperation agreements. At the same time, there was also an indoor full-color P3led display, which instantly improved the entire venue by several levels.


    The 40-square-meter large indoor full-color display at the Jiujiu Outlet City Plaza Investment Promotion Conference and Brand Signing Conference venue has been installed and debugged before the conference. In the entire conference process, the entire conference process was participated in the signing conference process and the merchants were released in real time. Brand information and meeting process arrangement information, strengthen the interactive communication between the meeting organizer and the participants, so that the signing ceremony can proceed smoothly.


   The entire screen is nearly 40 square meters, and the indoor full-color P3 model LED module is used to complete the construction. The project planner has made the most suitable solution according to the actual situation on the spot, which perfectly shows the charm of the indoor full-color LED display

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