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Municipal special-shaped custom p16led display

Release time:2019-10-31

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Project: Wuhan Vanke City Gate P16 outdoor ultra-thin waterproof box

Product: p16 outdoor led display

Area: 32 square meters


Project name: P16 outdoor ultra-thin waterproof box at the entrance of Vanke City, Wuhan

Product specifications: outdoor P16, 2R1G1B, 3906 dots/square meter;

 Screen display points: length 128 points × height 480 points × 2=61196 points

Screen display size: 2.04 meters long × 7.68 meters × 2=15.6672 square meters * 2 pieces (three diamonds)

"Hubei Wuhan Vanke City Gate Outdoor LED Display Large Screen System" was constructed by "Shenzhen Huabangying Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.". The outdoor LED display large screen system adopts the P16 specification, and the outdoor LED display has a large screen area of 31 square meters. It is an important platform for information release in Wuhan Vanke City, Hubei, and a typical project for outdoor LED display large screens in advertising media applications. Case.

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