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Case study of p2.5led display screen in Xi'an Railway Vocational and Technical College

Release time:2019-12-25


Xi’an Railway Vocational and Technical College is a full-time general higher vocational college sponsored by the Xi’an Municipal People’s Government. It is a model higher vocational college in Shaanxi Province, a national high-quality higher vocational college construction unit, and a first-class higher vocational college construction unit in Shaanxi Province. The school was founded in 1956 and is located in Xi’an International Port District. It has three campuses: Gangwu Campus (headquarters), Ziqiang Campus and Lintong Campus. Since its establishment, the school has continued to cultivate comprehensive talents for the country and society.

A few days ago, a training classroom on Lintong campus introduced Winbond’s P2.5 LED full-color display as a large-screen display device in the classroom, aiming to better convey scientific and technological knowledge to students. Unlike traditional projectors in the past, LED The full-color high-definition display shows clearer pictures and higher teaching efficiency

Effect display:


Contractor: Shenzhen Huabangying Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (China's famous brand, large-screen display system solution provider)

Project specifications: P2.5 indoor LED full-color high-definition display, 9.5m²

Over the years, Winbond has provided large-screen (LCD splicing screens, small-pitch LEDs, all-in-one touch screens, LCD advertising players, etc.) display solutions for countless enterprises at home and abroad, covering industries such as transportation, finance, medical care, education, Entertainment, government, energy, military and other fields, including LCD splicing screens and LED display projects with a total of more than 20,000 cases. Winbond has always adhered to the business philosophy of collaborative development and mutually beneficial coexistence with customers, and continuous innovation, research and development, and improvement , Provide users with the highest quality products and services, and are committed to building a global cutting-edge commercial display brand enterprise. If you have any questions or needs about large screens, please feel free to consult, and we will provide you with the most suitable solution.

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Ultra-high brightness, it is still clearly visible from a long distance under strong sunlight; it adopts multiple scanning technologies and modular design requirements, which has higher reliability and stability;

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