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Case of indoor led display screen in the lobby of a public institution

Release time:2019-10-31


Project: Media indoor led display in the lobby of a public institution

Product: Indoor p4led display

Features of p4 indoor led display:

Seamless stitching, high resolution, true reproduction of images

Uniform color, high contrast, clear and sharp picture

 High-precision die-cast aluminum box body to ensure smooth and seamless screen body

Fanless design, low temperature operation, quiet and no noise

Ultra-light and thin box, easy to transport and load and unload

High efficiency and stability, high reliability, long service life

Support front and rear maintenance, easier installation

P4 indoor led display parameters:

Point spacing: 4mm

Module size: 256*128

Density: 625mm

Brightness: 1500nits

led standard: SMD2121

Protection level: IP31

Best viewing distance: 4m~50m

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