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LED display screen project of Dongguan Dapingzhang Holiday Hotel

Release time:2020-04-14

Holiday Inn Dongguan Dapingzhang, located at No. 18, Dapingzhang Forest Park, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, is a hotel hidden in the forest. Here, you can stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, get close to nature, and feel the perfect rhythm of the harmony between man and nature and the rhythm between man and nature.


Since the operation of the hotel, the most comment given by the guests staying in is: linger; this is enough to prove that the hotel's service, environment and accommodation experience are satisfactory.


Recently, the hotel introduced Winbond Optoelectronics indoor P2.5 high-definition LED display as the terminal display platform of the conference room, abandoning the traditional projector equipment; allowing guests to use the conference room to get a better visual experience. Make the "Forest Meeting Room" more perfect.21.jpg

Before the installation of Huabangying indoor P2.5 high-definition LED display, the conference room of Holiday Inn Dongguan was like this:


Before and after comparison, it can be seen; in the past, if you stood a little behind, it was blurred and often failed, causing inconvenience to customers. This is a criticism of traditional projector equipment; of course, the Holiday Inn Dongguan Dapingzhang, which is always customer-oriented, is not willing Seeing this situation continue, I decided to discard the old and welcome the new this year.


After comprehensively comparing several LED display manufacturers, it was found that Winbond Yingguang's indoor LED displays are cost-effective and have a good reputation, so they trusted the project to Winbond Yingguang.


Winbond Ying Optoelectronics also lived up to the trust of the Big Pingzhang Holiday Hotel. According to the data provided by the person in charge of the hotel, a detailed solution was formulated, and then a professional installation engineer was sent to complete the construction of the project within the agreed time limit, and it successfully passed the verification and acceptance. Put into use normally.


Project details:

Product model HBY-YN2.5 Contrast ratio 7000:1
Module Size 320*160mm Refresh rate 1920
Pixel spacing 2.5mm Resolving power 160000
Service life 100000h Brightness 600-1200nits
Average power 325 Contractor Huabangying Optoelectronics

Finally, Winbond Ying Optoelectronics once again thanked Dongguan Dapingzhang Holiday Hotel for its trust and support, and wish your hotel a prosperous business and prosperity. If you encounter any problems during the later use, please feel free to consult, Winbond Ying Optoelectronics will do its best to serve you.

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