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Creative LED display

Creative LED display

Huabangying optoelectronics always focuses on the R & D and production of LED full-color display screen, and constantly pays attention to product quality and innovation. The professional R & D team, which accounts for 10% of the total employees of the company, has laid the foundation for the R & D of new products of Huabang Ying optoelectronics and the special application of customers.

  • OLED transparent screen
  • LED flexible screen
Product Features
  • 1

    Using high-quality components and fine processing technology, effectively reduce the dead light rate.

  • 2

    The power supply and signal double backup system protect the product for 7*24 hours of continuous and stable operation. It is the safest and most reliable.

  • 3

    The grayscale performance of the display is almost perfect at low brightness, and the displayed layering and vividness of the screen is higher than that of the traditional display.

  • 4

    The high pixel density display unit with micro pixel pitch can be spliced wirelessly and can support 2K, 4K and ultra high resolution display.

  • 5

    Even if it is reduced to 500-300cd/m2, it can still guarantee high gray levels.

  • 6

    A black matte lamp and a corrugated light-absorbing mask are used. The reflection is small under bright light conditions, and the picture is still clearly visible.

  • 7

    It automatically adapts to the photosensitive adjustment device and does not affect the display screen due to the environment.

  • 8

    The picture is stable with no ripples and no black screen, the video picture is smooth and delicate, and the edges of the dynamic display picture are clear. It has good dynamic expressiveness, accurately restores the image information, and brings maximum visual enjoyment.

Technical Parameters
  • OLED transparent screen
  • LED flexible screen
Product number HBY-TM550 brightness 500cd/m² Resolution 1920*1080
size 55 inch Display size 1209.6 * 680.4mm
Viewing angle 178°
Pixel pitch 0.63*0.63mm Dot pitch 0.630*0.210mm Aspect ratio 16:9
model P2 flexible screen P2.5 flexible screen P3 flexible screen P4 flexible screen P5 flexible screen P6 flexible screen P8 flexible screen P10 flexible screen Outdoor P4 flexible screen
LED configuration SMD 1010 SMD 1010 SMD 1515 SMD 2121 SMD 2121 SMD 3528 SMD 3528 SMD 3528 SMD 1921
Pixel density (pixel/m2) 250000 160000 111111 62500 40000 27777 15625 10000 62500
Module size (mm) 256*128 240*120*1.6 240*120*1.6 256*128 320*160*1.6 192*192*1.6 256*128*1.6 320*160*1.6 256*128
Module resolution (dot) 128*64 96*48 80*40 64*32 64*32 32*32 32*16 32*16 64*32
scanning method 32S 24S 20S 16S 16S 8S 4S 4S 16S
Brightness (cd/m2) ≥700 800-1200 800-1200 800-1200 800-1200 800-1200 800-1200 800-1200 ≥4500
Perspective 120° 120° 120° 120° 120° 120° 120° 120° 120°
Applicable environment indoor indoor indoor indoor indoor indoor indoor indoor outdoor
Brightness adjustment range 0-255 adjustable
Operating Voltage AC100/24050/60HZ
Operating temperature -20℃~+60℃
Working humidity 10~90%RH
life span 100,000 hours
Creative LED display Application field

Educational publicity: interactive systems such as campus areas, training institutions, etc.

Public places: information display in airports, railways, subways, highways and other transportation industries, libraries, museums, shopping malls and other places.

Commercial presentations: TV studios, large-scale performances and commercial exhibitions, hotel lobbies, enterprises and institutions.

Government departments: convenient publicity, handling guides, open government affairs, etc.


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