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The 8th Paralympic Games P16 floor screen P12.5 color screen case

Release time:2019-10-31

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Project: P16 floor screen P12.5 color screen of the 8th Paralympic Games

Product: p16led display

Area: 800 square meters

120 Caiyi FINE 2000WASH\SPOT computer lights, 300 square LED floor screens, and 500 square P12.5 color screens warmly assisted the closing ceremony, bringing a visual feast to the viewers.

The display screen has a large display area and stunning visual effects, which can fully attract the viewer's attention. It has a broad creative space and a three-dimensional space for communication, meeting individual needs, and has the concept of communication in the digital age.

    In recent years, LED display technology has developed rapidly. As the equipment technology level and maturity are getting higher and higher, the fields and contents involved are also becoming more and more extensive. When used in advertising media, the advertising cost is low and the display effect is high. , Can attract more customers; when used in stadiums, it can display game results and other purposes; at the same time, it has also been widely used in municipal engineering, cultural tourism, and military fields.

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