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Indoor p2.5led display case of Lifeng Hotel

Release time:2019-12-25


Lifeng hotel is a chain hotel under Porto group. It combines Lavender elements, fragrance culture and the hotel perfectly, and advocates the life philosophy of "more freedom". Through the in-depth description of sleep system, bath system, intelligent system and service system, Lifeng hotel provides comfortable and comfortable accommodation experience for business guests, which is very popular.


Recently, huabangying p2.5led display screen has been introduced into Lifeng hotel in Foshan, Guangdong Province (Wanda store in Jinshazhou). It is used to hold work meetings, discuss work plans and plan hotel activities among employees at ordinary times. The purpose is to build a first-class service team from the perspective of internal management, provide guests with the most extreme accommodation experience, and give better play to its own brand characteristics The unique elements and culture of the hotel are displayed, so that the guests can "never forget, there will be echoes".


Effect display:



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